What Matters?

Last week, on a dimming sunset, I was strolling and walking the beaches of Hua Hin, Thailand. A little boat passed by. Got mesmerized. When I felt inadequate to describe what I was savoring, I just took a picture of it with me.

It's a beautiful, serene sight. Life, it's like a little boat you sail. For me, it can express many shades - deep emotions like joyful praise to anguished loss. How pleasant and beloved is my Companion all these years of my life.

Whether glad or sad, I know I'm just passing through this life. Everything is fleeting here. There is the real life, the real sail. It leads me to reflect further on, "What really matters to live a worthy human life?"

The little boat was like a poem to me that moment. Amid pregnant silence, it whispers to my ears the secrets of happiness and meaning in this life.

I'll be more than glad to tell you about those whispers. Simply ask.