Fishing In The Desert

What have you been looking for comfort or relief?

After being abandoned by her husband, Margaret instantly went to the bar to find rebound relationships with men. She fell into alcohol, drugs, sex, and out-of-control anger for countless nights.

She said that these make her feel good, though only for a moment. In desperate attempts to ease her pain, she shared that she found herself doing things that part of her finds repulsive.

I agree with therapist Dr. Talley who wrote, "Finding true love in a bar is like finding fish in the desert." Can you catch fish in the desert? Of course, you can't. Yet, lots of people go to the wrong places for feelings of comfort, assurance, or acceptance.

It's not uncommon for people to "self-medicate" their internal distresses through alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, food, an affair, shopping, rage, pornography, or anything/anyone. Then, only to find out later that these indulgences only make things worse in their lives and health.

It's never too late to make a shift. Change ways. Start by seeking help.