How To Stop Being A Victim

From victim to victor. That's perfectly possible. But you need to learn how to break free of being a victim.

Mary was a Mom of five and a successful businesswoman. She had married two men who turned out to be sex addicts and alcoholics, had a string of five boyfriends after separating from her last husband, and was presently in a state of breakup and separation from her recent boyfriend.

She began to see a therapist and said, "Until now I never realized what I was doing. With the help of counseling addressing my 'whole person" and this support group I joined, I saw more clearly the patterns that ended up hurting and damaging my life. My eyes are now open to avoid my previous mistakes and develop new habits. I feel a lot better about my self now."

What happened to Mary? She learned to stop being a victim. She transformed part of her life, the way she creates and lives her story. A major aspect of her therapeutic transformation is her emergent awareness of her true self and how this had been wounded by repetition compulsion unknowingly acting out unprocessed pains through dysfunctional habits, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The life story that she creates and tells now is one of a recovering or former victim to a stabilizing, brave victor.

As you break free from being a victim, you begin to integrate the experience and apply it to the rest of your daily life. That's what healing of your "whole person" can be - relaunching with a new YOU, bringing true happiness and purpose for living.