Psychotherapy for Church Hurts

Yesterday, this was the book - "Healing Your Church Hurt" by New York Times bestselling author Dr. Stephen Mansfield - that I was holding when a woman greeted me in a bookshop. What followed was her telling me her long story. Her story and this book perfectly fit together!

Stephen Mansfield writes in his book: “When I had gone through a horrible church hurt myself, I began to realize how epidemic such things are. My friend George Barna has done a survey confirming that nearly forty percent of the folks we call “unchurched” in America are actually embittered ex-church members. This is tragic and it should change the way we approach the “un-churched” in America. Many of them are already Christians who are simply angry about how they’ve been treated by other believers. So, I wrote this book to show them a path to wholeness of soul and to show the way home. This is certainly my most personal and my hardest-hitting book. It needed to be. I trust it will help heal the current epidemic of ‘church hurt’ in this country.”

This book can be a tool for you if you're healing from what Stephen Mansfield calls a "current epidemic of 'church hurt.' " You can "rechurch" and part of your recovery may involve learning to heal internally from the hurts and reconnect with safe people in the church.


Caleb Hart said…
I never knew that there were people suffering like this. It makes sense that there needs to be services to heal these types of wounds. I have a friend that went to a church for a while and then she decided to stop going. I wonder if this is why she decided to stop.