Relax Within Your Limits

In times of depression, deprivation, or trauma, there is always this need to learn to "relax within your limits." That involves ignoring negative feelings when new bad circumstances come. You don't need to add fuel to every painful feeling that shows itself.

For example, you're a single Mom. You have no job, only with limited survival resources. Your little girl comes to you and says she'd like to have a new set of toys. You know you're unable to have this extra expense at this time, so you have to say no. Your little child walks away from you.

Now, how do you feel? You probably may feel sad, guilty, or terrible. And these feelings have a tendency to add in to the mix of your already heavy burdens or stressful situation at present. Thinking about it, you can't let these feelings drag you down or determine what you do to make things better. Thus, there are times in depression or stressful situations, when you have to "step over" certain negative feelings and say, "I'll make up and do better next time, I'm going to ignore these feelings."

Choose to set limits. Be willing to relax within your limits, physically and emotionally. Learn from your frustrations, not add to them.