Truth and Emotional Pain

Truth is essential in therapy. It should be your badge. In your battle through to a liberated heart, truth is the chant you should announce aloud.

But the truth is, when it comes to emotional pain - pain that so hurts inside - it's healing truths that can set people off. Truth can be painful to see. It would be nice if truth is just truth and there's no pain in it and that's the end of it.

Yet, I can't recommend "truth therapy" enough for recovery from emotional pains. It's our best key. The greatest damage is often the unprocessed issues that continue to resonate even when the feelings of pain subside. It's the truth that tells us about our self, our relationships, and about the purpose of our lives.

The emotional pain inflicted on us is not just from the wound itself. But also, the "meaning" of the wound. You see, every bit of thorn that hits the mark in our hearts has a "message" attached. And it is the "message" that lives longer than the pain itself. It is often this "message" that often does the more lasting damage.

Thankfully, we can heal. We push the rocks to the surface as we strive to reclaim our wholeness with the "truth and nothing but the truth." It's the truth that can help us go through the pain, so we can get to the other side.