I Think About My Heart

I think about my heart.

It beats about 100, 000 times each day. It beats to pump blood to every cell of my physical body. This adds up to about 35 million beats a year and 2.5 billion beats if I'm to consider what they say as the average lifetime.

According to medical science, every beat or contraction of my heart is similar to the effort I'll expend to hold a tennis ball in my palm and give it a hard squeeze. That's huge. I have a hard-working heart. Amazing.

My heart, as well as your heart, is only one example of a natural world that is designed to reveal to us something essential. There is power far greater than human. No doctor, no machine, no human genius can create or control the heart and its intricate hard-working muscle beats to nourish our bodies. Yet it's there, given to us, quietly giving life.

When I reflect on the power of the natural creation of my heart, I can't help but see the power of Someone who creates and cares for me and all humankind. Who operates my heart? Who operates yours? Even when there is suffering and I don't know why, I know in my heart that Someone is out there.

As noted writer, Soren Kierkegaard, put it, nature is "a temple not built by human hands," a classroom for higher religious education, a house of God.