Mother's Lies

There was an intriguing film portraying a real-life true story of a mother who lied to her child. This Canadian TV movie enititled "Lies My Mother Told Me" was aired in the U.S. in 2005. The teleplay was nominated for Award for Best Direction in a Dramatic Program mini-series.

Consider Susan. She shunned her Dad for years because of her mother's lies. During her childhood years, her mother had an affair and played "Disneyland Mom" to buy her affections while telling lies about her Dad. To escape detection, the mother poisoned her mind into embracing her adultery and immoral lifestyle. It took time for Susan to find out who was telling the truth. But now, she has a healthy, close, and godly relationship with her Dad. Eventually, the truth won over her mother's lies and deception.

Because of problems of human nature, mothers (as well as fathers, of course) do hurt children with their hard, dark side. They can lie about themselves and what reality is. So, in the process of indulgence, the children get distracted from their emotional issues because it's easier to play than to process problems. They've become victims of psychological abuse who often grow up to be character-disordered as a result of mother's or father's lies.

Noted clinical psychologist and bestselling author, Dr. Richard Warshak, coined a popular two-word phrase that includes parental lies as part of child abuse. He refers to it as "divorce poison." According to Dr. Warshak, parental "divorce poison" or separation damages children in a variety of deceptive ways: outright lies, bad-mouthing, bashing, brainwashing, false allegations of abuse, retaliation, corrupting reality, circumstantial manipulation, among others.

Suffer the innocent, vulnerable children. Who can protect them?