Year-End Thoughts

Time to visit your thoughts. That would be my prescription for you this year-end. It's a most essential thing you can do as the holidays wind up.

Oh yes, your Christmas and New Year's parties and gifts and foods may have been special. The songs ... the smiles ... the smells ... the family fun. Every memory of your holidays weaves its way into the fabric of your mind that you can still feel the warmth.

But the best those warm holiday memories can offer you, in my opinion, is time to reflect. Quietly. Alone. At length. Even stroll a hill pathway or empty green park. Taking time to stop and listen. Maybe, a nice mellow music played at enough volume can submerge all your worries so you can think.

Years passed by. Have you ever been taken by the shoulders and made awake? Are there things in your life where you still need to look into the mirror and face realities as they really are? As Jeremiah, a prophet, once pictured: "Harvest is past, summer is ended. And we are not saved."

Is that a truth about you right now? If not, I suggest that this year-end, you come to terms with this need of being saved. You life, my life, follows a cycle of seasons. Multiple seasons, in various times of the year - summer, winter, spring, autumn ... varieties of peaks and valleys, colors, and changes. Each year, we go through the same life cycle.

How tragic to move through the seasons of each year without realizing your life's ultimate purpose! What can give meaning to the cycle of your life's seasons? What on earth are you here for? Time to reflect. Time to see.