Doing vs. Being

My hospital life recovery group session had its resumption last week. We touched on the concept of new year's resolution or new goals for 2015. The question is asked, "What do I want to do for the new year?"

Very common to a lot of people: Get fit, lose weight, workout in the gym. Others: * Make a million savings in the bank. * Become a successful businessman. * Travel around the world. * Reach the star as an actress. All sorts of doings. Some admirable, some questionable, some crazy.

I've been presented the same question in varied ways for decades each new year. But I think it's the wrong question. I say so because what I DO is not nearly as important as what I want to BE. You know, the longer the years I have, the more significant that issue is.

Doing is usually tied to tangible things, accomplishment, vocation, or how you make a living. Being is much deeper. It relates to intangible things such as character, who you are, and how you make a life. It may take a lifetime to make this distinction in your brain! Yet it's proven over and over again that of the two, BEING always shows itself needing to outdistance DOING.

Think about it. How it relates to your health and wellness.