Grief Work Like Moving On Up The Mountain

Let me be honest with you. In this life, you'd have to be an expert on grieving. Why? There would always be varied sorts of losses along the way in the journey.

Now, if you're grieving for some type of loss at the moment, may I ask you to dry your eyes for awhile. Read through my little check list below and answer the questions. Honestly. It's work to complete first before you move on up the mountain.

*  No longer feel like crying most of the time?
*  My appetite is getting better?
*  No thoughts of attempting suicide?
*  No trouble concentrating?
*  No longer feeling mechanical in my daily living habits?
*  Beginning to feel emotionally close now to people?
*  More comfortable now to talk about my grief to others?
*  My body weight has stabilized?
*  My emotions and moods are back in my control?
*  Have stopped feeling depressed most of the time?
*  Now having physical and emotional energy from morning to night?
*  I've now identified what I need to grieve completely (person, relationship, past, abuses etc.)?
*  I've stopped talking continuously about my trauma/crisis?
*  No trouble now going to sleep and sleeping all night?

Grief for any loss needs to be completed before you can move on. Incomplete grief is a rebuilding roadblock. Don't worry, friend, the mountain will still be there and yours to climb when you're ready.