The Power of Surrender

To transcend our brokenness, we need to learn the power of surrender. The path of letting go. We step into a quiet place. Soften our heart. Listen with innocent ears. Until we surrender, we are glued or attached to the pain of our loss and breakup.

Surrendering is specially hard if you've been betrayed, abandoned, or deceived. Because of hurt, you may choose to shut down. You may communicate your anger and upset covertly and overtly. In a passive-aggressive way, you may find yourself resisting hearing the other. As a result, you get stuck - glued to the very thing you want to get away from.

As I watched my 12-year-old daughter, Angel, learn Taekwondo this summer, I noticed an interesting technique her coach was teaching her - the self-defense of "let go." If an attacker grabs your arm, tightening up and pulling away will trigger the attacker to hold on tighter. But when you step toward your opponent and relax, your attacker's grip eventually loosens, giving you a chance to break free from his hold. To get away from an attacker, as the moves of taekwondo show, you must first surrender to his grip.

In the sacred state of surrender, you become capable to detach from the outcome. You accept that everything is happening for a divine purpose. You breathe deeply, relax.  You relinquish judgment for the moment. You loosen the grip of your expectations. And, as you do, you're able to get the Big Picture from One who is in control.  

Only by being willing to surrender to your deepest wounds and fears can you discover that the worst outcome wouldn't ruin your heart, mind, and life.