Healing Your Depression Naturally


It's often described as the "common cold" of mental illness. For most of us, the condition is not merely a theory. We know what it's like to struggle with it in varying degrees. And feel that nothing seems to help.

Brain or psychiatric drugs can be damaging to your mental health. Know your alternatives. There are safer, more natural approaches that can turn your depression off like a switch. 

Here below is my list of different treatments or tools you can use to heal your depression naturally. They have been studied and tested scientifically and psychologically and are found to be useful.

1.   Take a complete physical exam to rule out any medical causation;
2.   Avoid toxic substances from environment or outside to enter your body that contribute to mood poisoning;
3.   Eat healthy foods, such vegetables, fruits etc
4.   Get into the orthomolecular approach or megavitamin therapy;
5.   Balance your minerals (e.g. Potassium, magnesium, sodium etc) to balance emotions;
6.   Take herbs known for psychological healing and antidepressant effects (e.g. St Johns wort, ginkgo biloba, oats, ginseng);
7.   Select homeopathy for solution;
8.   Seek formal psychotherapy, especially when severe or out of control;
9.   Take light therapy and cure;
10.  Take the sleep and rest cure;
11.  Know how to shift your body clock back into sync;
12.  Exercise (e.g. Running, walking, gym workouts etc) to exorcise the blues;
13.  Get relief from bio energetic body massage;
14.  Practice deep breathing, meditation, and prayer exercises;
15.  Get more active in your daily schedule with productive activities;
16.  Reason with your self and applying self talk techniques;
17.  Expand your circles of social support for interpersonal healing;
18.  Take Word medicine (e.g. Words of encouragement, hope; read Bible);
19.  Go to church and listen to music and messages;
20.  Cultivate a new hobby or artistic activity (e.g. Painting, writing, music etc)