Moving Is Medicine

I like moving. In fact, one of my secrets as a therapist is the medicine of moving. As much as possible, I avoid getting chained to a couch, cubicle, or office when counseling. I like outdoors, the mall, coffee shop, gym, park, or any natural day-to-day surroundings. If you're depressed or breaking down, you may try joining me walking, running, or in a regular movement program while in session! I mean it, it's a best thing you can do for your mental health, not just your physical health.

Exercise is long well recognized as one of the most effective ways to heal your moods. It's even clinically proven to be more effective than any anti-depressant drug. So if you're depressed or going through much emotional distress of some kind, get out of the house and begin moving your feet. You may spend an hour or more running. And when I say running, I mean shuffling along at a slow jog. Not hard core. Just moving and light.

With your moving, you can breathe calmness and peace into your mind. You can focus on seeing things in different, helpful ways. You can get to think better about what needs to get done, such as work or relationship repair. Still fuming or pretty sensitive? There's the beauty of instant gratification of just moving around, whether in the mall or park etc. Because the first moment you choose to get moving, you'll feel better.

Moving is medicine. It also happens to be free. And its major side effects?  All positives. Aside from improved moods or mental health, moving can lead to decreased blood pressure, weight maintenance, improved strength, better sleep, and more. Science proves that.

If you struggle to get moving, it can be helpful to involve a therapist, coach, a family member or a health professional who can help you make a plan and set some goals. The important thing is to change your view so exercise is not something that you do when you have the energy or motivation. But it becomes something that you do in order to get  energy and motivation for your mental, emotional, and physical health.