Redeeming Places

Recently, I've found my self reflecting on "redeeming places." It occurred to me that there are places that are reminders of painful experiences. When I passed by or revisited them, I truly would still feel hurt from memories or flashbacks. But, I feel pretty different now. I create new memories in these same places, redeeming them which now gives me a wonderful sense of freedom.

Clearly, recovering from significant emotional and relational losses or trauma is not an easy engagement. It requires focus, a level of willingness, and courage. Recovery is a series of steps and actions that need to be accomplished by you. You can be helped or guided by another to shorten your agony, but he or she can't recover you. No one can recover you but you.

Recovery means "redeeming places." You recover your self as a place by finding new meaning to what happened to you. Recovery means remembering places without having them precipitate feelings of loss, pain, regret, or  shame. Recovery is being able to forgive people no matter what they'd done or said. Recovery is claiming your circumstances instead of your circumstances claiming your happiness. Recovery is redeeming places by talking about your wounds and helping others heal.

Getting the proper information and correct action to you is what therapy is all about. With that, you can redeem places and discover strength within your self to recover. You are in safe hands. You can feel better. You can move beyond loss. And I say "redeeming places" is a way to expedite your recovery.