Can You Change The One You Love?

Do you have people you love who need to change their bad habits? Kick their addictions? Reform their character defects? Get their lives back?

I always have "crying" sessions. How many times I've worked with spouses, relatives, children, or friends who go downhill due to dysfunctional loved ones. They endure behavior that is toxic, abusive, and possibly deadly that threatens their relationships.

Do you know that you can change the one you love? Most experts will tell you that you can't change anyone. They say that you can't control other people's minds and hearts. Only they can. In one sense, it's true. But the problem is, if you're the suffering loved one, they ignore the "power" you have to change your spouse, child, relative, friend, in-law, etc!  You can do something.

It's a program that I've been trying to do in support of loved ones caring to change those they love who possess psychopathological behavior:  addictions, anger problem, sexual issues, anxiety, internet obsession, compulsive spending, noncompliance with needed rehabilitation, and more. Its an effort to remove and overcome the external dynamics and obstacles that stand in the way of motivating change.

Most importantly, you can change the one you love by discovering your number one source of power. Plug into it and you help your loved one heal and change for the good.

Yes, there is a way to change the one you love!  Find out about it ... before it's too late.