The Love Affair

Today, I watched an affair-recovery movie "The Love Affair." I did, out of professional and real-life experiential interest. The film's plot and content always surfaces in much of what I do. Helping both the betrayed and the unfaithful. I'm happy about the movie, for it realistically portrays a host of psychological, emotional, and relational issues that a lot of people can relate to.

Film-making appears to be catching up. What is often a taboo for discussion is now more openly being embraced for public processing. Studies and statistics on affairs report considerable occurrence of infidelity in marriages worldwide. Some recent studies show that over 50% of men and 30% of women have affairs. And for women there is indication that rates are rising. Moreover, other reports claim that in couples' therapy, a high 60% of couples deal with infidelity wounds.

My own clinical counseling observations as well as that of other professionals confirm that the chance that a marriage will be damaged by infidelity nowadays is very high. Adultery and sexual addiction play a major role in separation, divorce, or the annulment of many marriages. Infidelity has a ripple effect that reaches far from the center - destroying the peace of mind, emotional well being, and self-esteem of family members.

The ending of the movie, "The Love Affair," is a therapeutic, healthy result. How I wish all endings of couples wounded by infidelity will be like this!

Incidentally, timed with this latest box-office hit movie, this month is a "The Psychology Behind Infidelity" month for me at GMA News and ABS CBN DZMM teleradio. Back to back, they featured me as resource speaker/guest where I was given opportunity to introduce spiritual connection to the "incomplete constructs" and inadequacy of psychology and psychiatry in healing persons with adultery wound. Heavy psychotherapeutic and spiritual battle where few dare to tread!