Aldub Rx

I don't normally watch noontime TV. But there one time I stood in the gym, glanced at a funny television show. The scene? (Immediately, you'll understand my mind.) A certain handsome, playful Alden. A wacky, fast "talking" Yaya Dub. It's noontime hour. You know, the whole bit, when people are glued to TV. To top it all off, there before my eyes a cute love story of a fictional young super-couple is being played out, now loved and enjoyed (tweeted!) by millions around the world.

Top down, cool breeze blowing me by, quiet moment, "God gave me you" song flowing out of the Aldub exchanges of endearment on live TV. Something inside me have appreciated and enjoyed it too! Suddenly, I came back to reality. "This thing is teenager stuff," I could hear my conscience say. "How undignified can you get, Subida!" feels like thumping on my chest.

Well, it's me. Correction, it's actually us. Something about Aldub resonates in each and everyone of us. There have been so many love teams on TV and the movies. But Aldub has surprisingly surpassed all of them in terms of legions of fans (record-breaking millions of tweets around the world!). What's the secret? Or, is there really one? All this thing they call "Aldub fever" is actually an expression of a known unmet need in the kind of world we live in.

Well-known psychiatrist Dr. Karl Menninger once wrote, "Love is a medicine for the sickness of the world, a prescription often given, too rarely taken." Aldub simply presents to us in an artful, values-based, laugh-filled way this basic or core need for relationship (the "medicine") which we all, humans, innately possess ... and long for to last forever.