All Are Born To Die

As always, we’ve holiday, real life, and media reminders of the reality and inevitability of death. Regardless of what age you are in right now, death brings into our awareness our greatest psychological fear in this temporal, earthly life.
While all of us are so busy — trying to create wealth, raise families, enjoy pleasures, love, relationships etc — we all need to take time to reflect. We all need a pregnant pause. Common are the countless times when our busy preoccupations and relationships tend to cloud us of our real purpose in this life. 
In recent years, this lack of purpose brings death sooner than its time. By one's choice, one's own hands. In the United Nations, attention has been called to the escalating statistics of young people committing suicide. It's as if this life is all there is. It's ironic that in a world of exploding technology and comfort, young people in the prime of life are choosing self destruction as a way out.
While many of us feel bad witnessing deaths of those we care about, we’re reminded of our own mortality as well. All of life is a preparation for death to meet our Maker. Are you ready to die and meet your Maker? Where are you going after death? Find this out before it’s too late.
How do you know you’re ready to meet your Maker?