What Do We Mean By Life Recovery?

If you've been reading my site, it means you're open to search your mind and heart. It means you're open to look at the process of recovery that could enhance your life rather than limit it. If you're reading this blog, it's because of what's right for you, not what's wrong.

It had taken John five years to get to this point. He found himself counting his blessings and feeling good after coming from work. Days afterward, it occurred to John that not once were the reminders of his wife's infidelity and abandonment a painful experience any longer. His recovery had given him a wonderful sense of acceptance, freedom, and new meaning in life helping others heal.

Definitely, recovering from a significant emotional trauma wound is not comfortable work. It requires commitment, consistency, a level of open-mindedness, much courage and willingness. And above all, a determination to take the needed series of small steps and actions that must be made by you. No one can do life recovery for you but you. Nobody else can recover you. With the right tools and support, you can discover and tap hidden strength within your self to recover.

When you've reached a certain breakthrough point in your life recovery, here are some positives that happen:

... you feel better
... you find new purpose for the pain without fears
... you start to be able to have memories without having them precipitate painful feelings of guilt, remorse, loss, or betrayal
... you become quick to forgive those who hurt you
... you realize that it's ok to feel bad at times no matter how those around you react
... you begin to locate your security within your self
... you become skilled in claiming circumstances instead of your circumstances claiming your happiness
... you become free and equipped in helping others get through their loss or trauma