The Secret To Life Change

Every time we sleep, there is no absolute certainty that we shall wake up. It’s simply outside anyone’s human control. 
Life ebbs away ceaselessly. Days and nights reek with the smell of necessary endings. We all die after we live this fleeting life on earth.
Yet, despite this inevitable fact, lots of us remain in denial. We prefer to think of death as a farfetched possibility. It happens to others, not to us.
In contrast, something therapeutic happens when you accept and prepare for this sure reality. By accepting that life on earth is temporary, you begin to heal and grow. 
You do, for each day could be the last you have. 
By accepting death as a looming possibility, trivial pursuits and problems lose their importance. They are no longer killing. Addictions shed off their seductive power.
And finally … All things that have long been difficult to give up are suddenly easy to let go. You become who you truly are. Your authentic self.

Then, amid seeing what really is, you begin to search for the real meaning of life.