How Champions Handle The Past

Champions. What characterize them?

I've been thinking of the world's most successful people who suffered failures or losses in their lives. Some didn't finish or drop out of school. Many started out impoverished, even bankrupt full of debts. Others came from broken families or abusive backgrounds. Yet they managed to beat all odds and succeed in their respective fields. They came out stronger and better in broken places.

What's the secret of these champions?

Common among them is the will to move beyond their painful past through determined choices. They changed the results of their past by changing their choices in the present and for their future. As author T.D. Jakes put it, these champions "use the past to fertilize their future." They decided to allow their disappointments to come to pass and not get stuck. They pressed forward.

If you're going through a past trauma or loss, it's unrealistic to say that you are not in pain. You are. But once the initial shock is over, you can choose not to allow your life to get stuck in a stage that's just part of the whole healing process. This devastating event in your life shall pass too. Allow it to pass. Make plans for the future.

Surely, you can choose to be a champion as well. Accepting reality, stepping over depression, and making plans for the future is a significant announcement to your heart that you are planning to move on with your life.