I'm thinking about thinking today. Rumination. In many situations where there is psychological wounding, a person may tend not just to ruminate but to "over-ruminate." Such usually produces stuckness, inability to take healthy actions.

How do you navigate your over-ruminating to unclog your stuckness? Here are some pieces of thought I have about it that could be helpful to you.

*  Observe and analyze your self when over-ruminating:

*  Be sensitive and conscious of your fictional or magnified memory bias;

*  Reduce your self-criticism;

*  Spot over-ruminating triggered by sms, emails, or notes;

*  Try mindfulness meditation and prayer;

*  Define your options or alternative courses of action;

*  Replace thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make your over-rumination and worrying worse;

*  Use imagery or visualization to bounce flashbacks and images that get you stuck;

*  Reduce over-ruminating, your over-thinking, capturing ideas via taking notes as you have them and then sleep on them;

*  Practice thought-stopping and deep breathing;

*  Seek help when symptoms persist. There could be heavy, overwhelming root causes underneath fueling the over-ruminating.