Therapy of Real Friends

"I don't have a real friend. Not even one!"

That's what a bruised 62-year-old man expressed during my coffee talks with him last week. He is in deep need of healing friends.

Everyone needs a real friend. A real friend is one whom you can be yourself, vent your innermost thoughts and feelings, without fear of criticism or rejection. For some reason/s, real friends can be rare nowadays.

Today, lots of people are lovers or married, but not friends. They have marriage without friendship, sex without intimacy. They have been physically touched but not nurtured emotionally. They have been fondled but not patted in the back. They are hurting inside. Bleeding. In the road of life, they're so needy.

In churches, offices, schools, and in other places, people may also go through countless motions as well. Many painted joy in their faces with "professional smiles" that used to be real. Over time, they feel alone. Their hearts are peeling, exposed like driftwood. They could find no brush to reach their hearts and souls.

This deep thirst is a dangerous state to be in. A lack of real friends can be the deepest, most engrossing poverty any human being can experience. Addictions, affairs, and varied types of psychological wounds are born out of moments of thinking and feeling that water a deep thirst for real friends, real connections.

If, for whatever reasons, you find your self in this state, let me share secrets you'll surely find helpful. You can end your desperation. You can stop going to the wrong persons or places for the right thing. There is a Real Friend waiting for you.