Run, Walk, and Let It Go

Each day, I do a lot of running and walking. Thousands of steps. I find the release I need by simple, solitary runs and walks through the streets, malls, gym, or nature city parks. It's one of my ways to keep my sanity or well being.

Hurting people often have emotional reactions when they participate in therapy sessions. Psychotherapists too, being fellow humans. They expend much emotional energy in the sessions to help people understand and touch themselves.

Today, I cried twice out there. It was beautiful. I couldn't help myself. Tears spring forth as if from an underground spring. Part of it I was remembering my own life's losses. Another part I was simply overwhelmed by memories of whatever I've been able to accomplish in other people's lives helping them heal. I'm glad I'm alive - not detached or hyperrational.

Whatever it is weighing you down emotionally or mentally, whatever touches your heart with sadness or trauma, running and walking can help you with it. When you do that, you start feeling good about your self.

Run, walk, and let it go.