Moves That Matter

As a psychotherapist, my special focus has always been healing of wounds to self. As a specialist in the field, I’ve a program I’ve developed myself devoted to management of pain, especially during initial stage of trauma.
Real life survivors have essential "moves" that eventually restored their sense of self and brought them to greater life and love than before.
Here are some "moves that matter" that I process in my sessions with counselees/patients during the course of our collaborative healing journey:
1) Self encouragement:  you can learn self validation even in the absence of others, who may feel worn out hearing from you;
2) 100 % responsibility: Take 100-percent responsibility for tending to your own wound and for your own recovery.
3) Time management: Build in daily activities that are life-sustaining, including time with supportive friends, therapists, and support groups. Create quality creature comforts. Work provides well-needed structure. Throw yourself into work to enjoy its ‘occupational therapy’ benefits.
4) Mindfulness: Get into the moment and stay there as long as you can. The only safe place is the split second of now. When your painful thoughts intrude, return to the practice of soaking in the moment.
5) Constructive Use:  Put your suffering to constructive use: Learn to transform pain into growth.
6) Heal unprocessed pain:  Cleanse old wounds.  Deal directly now with cumulative psychological wounds from the past lingering underneath for a long time.
7) Acknowledge your strength as a human being:  Believe that you can survive. There are tools. Challenge hopelessness and despair.
8.) Feelings are not facts: Feelings are temporary and fleeting. From the center of self, observe your feelings washing over you. Find serenity in the now.
9.) Find serenity in the now:  Remember, this too shall pass.
10.) Seek the Higher Power.