Though Dead, Still Speaks!

He wrote 600 works in his brief life of 35 years - hymns, cantatas, operas, symphonies. He lived in poverty and died in obscurity. His grave was unmarked. No place for candles to burn or flowers to display. He's forever absent, gone.
His name: Johannes Theophilus Mozart.
But is Mozart really gone? Unlike Hitler, the good works he did live after him. If he had mistakes, they're not highlighted. What good lives on after he died? Mozart's unique contribution to the world - his style, his eminent innovations, the "Mozart touch." In his music, Mozart lives on.
If you're having difficulties choosing to heal, give up your addictions, or live the best life you can have, you can learn to motivate yourself. Try imagining your self in your death bed. Dying, you are with your loved ones - spouse, children, friends, relatives, etc. What will you say to each one of them? What will they remember about you?
Yes, your opportunity is now. Not later. Life is brief. You can choose life and do good and leave your timeless legacy and memories behind. Today.
If you do, like Mozart, you too though dead someday, can still speak.