Why Join Support Groups?

Life or support groups, such as 12 step groups, AA, or SAA, are essential to Recovery. Let me count the ways how they provide balance and healing in your journey.

1. An accepting environment from which to get support;

2. An opportunity to identify with others' stories and experience relief at not being alone or unique;

3. Support and strategies to stop or diminish addictive behavior;

4. Healthy intimacy and friendship with others in the group;

5. A process and framework for recovering from addiction and building spirituality;

6. Promotes honesty and honesty leads to change;

7. Decreased isolation, increased make connections; increased self esteem; increased relationship skills; decreased self pity;

8. Practice real life with real people going through same issues;

9. Great for sharing feelings;

10. A centering tool- a place to lay down your burdens;

11. Minimize your self judgment.