Addiction Is Not The Real Problem

I feel for Baron's parents. They see that their son's problem is his addiction to alcohol, drugs, women, and money. After years of having him confined to three addiction rehabilitation centers, nothing still changed. Baron is still addicted to drugs, alcohol, and spending money to pay for sex. His parents are frustrated already, losing hope. They're about to give up.

I say that there is always hope. Baron's parents may had sent him to three rehabilitation centers and their son never responded appropriately to heal. Here is my take: in all of those rehabilitation efforts for Baron, they've possibly not gone down to the roots of his "real problem." Their view was only external - counting the number of times he took his addictive "drugs of choice."

Addiction is not the problem. It is only an external symptom, a result or manifestation, of the "real problem." The addict's way to happiness or numbing of his sorrow is to take "drugs of choice." Yet he remains oblivious to the core of his problem and the varied options to address it.

So, simply laying down external bottom lines and consequences (an important part of recovery though it may be), counting and suppressing the use of alcohol or any "drugs of choice," in an addict will lead nowhere. If treatment providers such as doctors, nurses etc in the rehabilitation centers focus on the inner life of the person addicted and treat the "real problem," there's a higher chance of true rehabilitation and new life for a recovering addict.


what is the real problem? Drugs addiction becoming a major problem of modern countries.