What Do You Do If Your Family Doesn't Support You?

I can see. It’s difficult not to notice how a talented young woman Tina is. Yet she feels so depressed and insecure to leave house to use her talents in employment. At home, she does not get any material or moral support from her husband. The same goes with her own parents who always criticize, insult, or put her down.

Can you get from the story below what you can do when your family or anyone closest to you does not support, encourage, or believe in you?
One day, two frogs fell into a pit.
Frantically, the two frogs cried for help. They kept jumping as high as they could, trying to get out of the hole. But it was just simply beyond their reach.
The other frogs circled at the mouth of the pit. Looking down, they saw the sorry condition of the two frogs, and began to yell, “It’s too high. Give up. You’re going to die anyway.” (They were disciples of Eyeore the Donkey, friend of Winnie the Pooh.) On and on, they chanted their depressing words.
After a few minutes, one frog finally stopped jumping. He sighed a deep sigh, fell on its back, and died.
But the other frog kept jumping. And with each leap, he became stronger and stronger. Finally, he flew past the opening of the pit—and escaped!
The other frogs were so astonished. They asked him, “Why didn’t you give up? It seemed hopeless. We were even discouraging you the entire time!”
The happy frog said, “I can’t hear you. I was born deaf. By the way, even if I couldn’t hear what you were all telling me, I knew you were cheering me on. Thank you!”
Got it?  No one can make you feel inferior, depressed, or hopeless without your permission. Give the right permission.