Controlling Your Bad Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of our life. But stress, if not properly coped with, turns bad or unhealthy to our health - physically, emotionally, and psychologically

When stress is bad, it leads to a host of ailments. High blood pressure, among medical conditions. Sleep deficits. Addictions. Relational breakdowns. Mental health disorders.

Let me share here below a few specific things or steps we can take to control "bad stress:"

1.   Find out information about what's exactly going on.

2.   Let your feelings out through healthy channels.

3.   Make time for play or recreation.

4.   Pay attention to your family and friends.

5.   Stay away from addictions when stressed - drugs, alcohol, smoking, food, sex, gambling, internet etc.

6.   Eat healthy.

7.   Focus on the positive.

8.   Be objective and realistic.

9.   Exercise regularly.

10. Find a hobby.

11. Pray.

12. Read and meditate on the Word.

13. Celebrate every success.

14. Develop your faith in the Higher Power.

15. Call on a friend.

16. Read.

17. Take a walk to nature.


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some very useful tips there