Life's Goals That Heal

Once, I was speaking to one self-pitying woman who wails during each one of our sessions, "I have no point waking up. I have nothing at all to look forward to." Clearly, she's spending too much time focusing and thinking only about her self.

Human beings are naturally goal-driven. We all need worthwhile goals to fuel or drive us to continue living our lives. That's the way our minds are created. Thus, I've come to believe strongly that much of human misery is really one of weak or unworthwhile goals.

A gifted businessman client, who sold millions-worth of rice bags, remarked that money never brought him happiness. Inspite of reaching his material goals - cars, houses, vacations, bank accounts - he had many times of feeling emptiness and depression.

Earl Nightingale was a writer who helped millions of people around the world motivate themselves. He advised that people who want success in life should never try to get rich. He said, above all, set goals for yourself that help people, the riches will follow.

As Dr. Luke stated in Scripture, "Give, and it will be given to you." (Luke 6:38)

Last year, I bought a condominium property, which proved to be special to me. It was so for its with money purely coming from helping other people heal in their lives. Instead of being a status symbol, my new condo was an expression of how much help I'd been to my fellow humans.

Happy people have worthwhile goals. The richest people we can know have given themselves unselfishly to other people. That affected the way they sell, relate, drive, cook, teach, or conduct their career or businesses.

Life's goals that heal are totally unrelated to money or material reward. In fact, as Dr. Tim LaHaye put it, "If you earn money without helping people, your money will not contribute to your happiness." A world full of problem-laden people validates the fact of widespread absence of real goals amid us.

It looks like this is a hidden secret we all need to learn about human happiness.