Your Extended "Gifts"

While the Christmas and New Year 2017 holidays are not over yet, it's not too late to give extended "gifts." To our selves. To others.

Possibly this may be your "gift" per day from here onwards.

Here are some suggestions for your extended "gifts:"

•  Forgive one who hurt you, including an enemy.

•  Smile a little. Then a little more. Till you laugh.

•  Reduce your anxiety or demands on others.

•  Converse warmly together without gadgets, phone, or TV.

•  Do wash the clothes for Mommy or Daddy.

•  Fix coffee or breakfast for someone you care about.

•  Visit your grandparents with your cheers and gifts.

•  Listen.

•  Find the time to fulfill a promise.

•  Express appreciation.

•  Ask for forgiveness when you did wrong.

•  Take a walk with your child.

•  Learn the art of under-reacting.

•  Enter into another's grief.

•  Speak kindly to someone you don't know.

•  Be gentle and patient with an angry or depressed person.

•  Support to reconcile a broken relationship.

•  Give hugs to people.

How about that?

Extended "gifts" to you and others! Sincerely. Lovingly. Without expecting anything in return.

That is mental health and wholeness, isn't it?