Meeting Your Unmet Needs

Many needs are produced by one's self. All of us have self-created needs. Very common, these needs are often physical, financial, emotional or relational.

A lot of our unmet self-created needs happen because of unwise choices. The fulfillment of the unmet needs then will occur by making wise choices.

And then, having the determination, courage, and skill to follow through on the wise choices made. Escape to freedom, it is!

Let me give you examples.

Donna was sobbing. Her husband left their house. She created need in her marriage due to constant negativity and hurtful words she'd speak to her husband.

A last straw was when she punched him for forgetting to throw the trash! Shortly after, Donna entered therapy and counseling. That made her husband decide to return and heal their marriage together.

In his 20 years as a call center agent, Cesar was always short of money. Living from paycheck to paycheck. Under-earning, given a wife and three young kids to support.

Before he got too older, he chose to go into business. In time, he made more than enough money for his family's needs.

What is the way out of unmet needs created by unwise choices? Wise choices.

And who is primarily responsible for making those wise choices? The man. The woman. The individual who has the unmet needs.

If you care, you may also ask, how about God's role? He'll give you the wisdom you need to make wise choices. Wisdom about what to do or where to go. Wisdom about how to repriotize your time and efforts.

That's the formula for your fulfilling or "total way out" of your unmet needs.