When Busyness Rapes Relationships

Appointments, programs, deadlines ... you rush. Schedules, services, seminars ... lots of it. Trips, presentations, demands ... run, run, run!


There's a woman in Manila named Wilma who experiences how it is. She's a wife with two young children. Back in the early 2000s she started developing a multi-million restaurant and import export business.

But, along the way, she managed to sacrifice her marriage. Blazing a busy business track, Wilma was almost never seen at home. Her husband was getting tired. So were her children, who seldom saw their mother.

Listen to Wilma's admission during session: "I was a shallow woman. My life was busy but it fractured my relationship with my husband and children. They left me. So now, I see." 

Through tears and wounds, she's beginning to clear the thorns of neglect in her relationships born out of her activity-addiction. She watches her convulsions with a painful sigh. 

Dr. Chuck Swindoll, famous best selling author, had a mentor who once declared: 

"Much of our activity these days is nothing more than a cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of an empty life."

Friend, are you too busy? 

Time to psyche up! Let the main thing be the main thing.