Fighting the Blues

Right now, I'm looking at a woman in my weekly group session who's evidently experiencing disorientation. She is "retired" from her family care and occupation, which kept her in touch and needed all her adult life.

Now, she feels out of touch. No longer needed. Confined to an inescapable space, alone. Her life reduced to fading memories. An existence leaving her with feelings of depression, uselessness, and loss of identity.

Solomon once said, " ... Because childhood and the prime of life are fleeting" (Ecclesiastes 11:10). And "... the years draw near when you will say, 'I have no delight in them' " (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

Now that reminds me of my father. Oh, he lived many, many years till his 80s. Sadly, quite most of those years were marked with tragic disorientation. Quiet desperation. Without health and close friends, something stole away his zest and purpose.

Life goes on. And there's nothing in it to tell us it won't happen to any one of us before we "retire." It's not restricted to the elderly alone. Or, those without money, health, or family. Disorientation and the "blues" may happen to anyone at any stage of life, for various sorts of reasons.

Want to fight the "blues?"

Stop living for what's only seen. Replace the fake with the real. Have faith in God to strengthen you. Laugh always. Exercise. Eat healthy. Don't let material things or occupation enslave you. Avoid the rut of routine and boredom. Stay in touch with people. Read widely. Go outdoors. Cultivate even just few friendships.

Yesterday was Sunday. I went drinking and talking with men-friends. It was great therapy too to take long walks. With most of my days filled with moments of purpose in my sessions, I got to loosen up my intensity once in awhile. Not taking my self (plus my kids and friends!) too seriously. It's refreshing and energizing.

Start now. Let's prepare to fight the blues well.