Overcoming the "Monkey Mind"

Is your mind like a "monkey?"

A monkey jumps up and down. Even with the slightest provocation, it can get scared. In rested state, the monkey wanders.

"Maligalig!" as described in Filipino.

Not too long ago, I had a Skype session with a young woman. She serves as 24/7 caregiver of her 87 year old grandmother since almost a decade ago now.

As I spoke with her during session, I could sense her deep sense of burnout, futility, and desperation. I felt for her.

Given her unsupportive, rejecting family, who would not be?

However, she over-stressed and over-talked dealing with her challenges. Her mind kept wildly wandering during session.

Jumping from one topic to another, she recited a litany of maltreatments and offenses from others. Each time, her emotions got beyond roof.

She despaired for help!

And it's pretty understandable. But she couldn't focus. Her mind sabotaged her efforts to remain clutter-free, positive, and focused.

How do you overcome the "monkey mind?"

Here are simple steps.

First, recognize that the mind is like a muscle. It needs training.

In order to overcome the "monkey mind," you need to bring it to the gym!

Second, practice the attitude of acceptance rather than resistance. That doesn't mean you should allow your mind go jumping rampantly.

But simply you know, you're familiar with the "monkey" in your mind.

And thirdly, find an anchor. An anchor is something that helps you stay focused.

It can be focusing on a mental image, a word, a meaningful quote, a prayer, or even your breathing.

Of course, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

It's worth it to learn more not just the "fruit" but also, more importantly, the "roots" that drive or fuel the mind to be like a monkey.