How to Deal with a Psychopath Co-Parent (Part 1)

We live in a world of broken families. Such is a very sad reality. Especially when parents separate, committed infidelity or addiction, or have become abusive and neglectful.

Jolie was a mother of two young children. The father of her children had been physically, emotionally, and verbally abusive of her.

One day, Jolie discovered that her partner was having sex with a teenager, who eventually became pregnant. When that happened, her partner kicked her and their children out of their house.

For over 10 years, Jolie's partner totally disappeared from their lives. No communication and financial support at all from him.

Those hard years, Jolie was left alone to feed, nurture, and send their children to school while working on different jobs.

Then, out of the blue, her partner suddenly appeared and started sending the children with small amounts of allowance through a married woman who is his girlfriend.

With only little amount sent, Jolie was still left spending for food, all house and educational expenses, of the children, who have now become teenagers.

Remorseless and abusive, Jolie's ex relaunched his vicious, deadly "game." He hurts both her and her children with severe badmouthing and controlling. Without an iota of care in the world.

Co-parenting with a psychopath is extremely difficult. The other "parent" that is mentally disordered and unstable makes you experience a "special kind of hell," as one writer would put it.

If you're the responsible parent, how do you deal with a psychopath co-parent?