How to Deal with a Psychopath Co-Parent (Part 2)

A first step in dealing with a psychopath co-parent is knowing his exact "nature." Knowing the enemy  is half the battle.

By nature, psychopaths lack remorse. They lie habitually. They lack empathy. They're incapable of love and respect. Egoistic, selfish. They've delusions of grandeur. Never wrong, always right.

Based on that knowledge, you take appropriate steps to protect your self.

This is basic since a psychopath will attempt to drain you of everything you have - emotional health, money, status, power, reputation, material resources etc.

If they see you as a threat to their abusive/deceptive behavior, they'll attack you. Come after you, blame you, badmouth you, scheme against you.

So always take preemptive measures. Know your self, where you stand, and do not let their evil ways get near you.

I'm reminded of a woman who always gets emotional when confronting her  psychopath husband and father of their children. The more she is emotional, the more her psychopath co-parent enjoys it!

Never get emotional with a psychopath. Stay calm and collected no matter what the other person says or does. Keep all things to your self.

Do not compete with or accuse a psychopath. Nor try to reform them or tell them what's right and wrong. They'll backfire on you. The psychopath only want to have power over you.

Avoid the psychopath. Make it a point to stay away from him. If you're co-parenting with one, keep contact to the barest minimum only for your child's concerns.

Psychological studies show that therapy among psychopaths bear no or little fruit. They just waste time. Use the sessions to sharpen their conning and deceptive skills.

So the experts say, its best to leave them alone. Until they get proper consequences and "conscience," they're beyond reform.

As Jackson MacKenzie quotes, "There is no closure in psychopathic relationships; only acceptance."