I'm writing these words on a Holy Week.

A day of reflection ... just another beautiful reminder of what Christ has done to wipe away humankind's death fears.

When Christianity is brought to therapy, death is no longer a deadline but a lifeline. Fears dissolve. That's because of the gift of eternal life from God in Christ Jesus.

Stop and reflect. 

Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will never die" (John11:25).

Obviously, by that, death is not final. It's just the beginning.

Now let me caution you. Don't expect this lifeline to come into you with automatic delivery. It isn't like that.

Firstly, the lifeline comes privately as you receive the free gift of eternal life from God in Christ Jesus (Romans 6:23).

By faith. It's purely a work of His grace, not out of your own merit or deeds.

That's how you can live forever without being religious.

Then, you apply His wisdom in your life. That involves right choices, godly thoughts and emotions, and the application of scriptural principles to daily circumstances.

Wholeness, based on this ultimate lifeline, comes from anticipating the fruit of a disciplined faith. Not from trying to earn it ... but more from a living relationship with your Savior.

One time, a night club owner came over to see me with his wife. They're on the verge of divorce due to the husband's infidelity and alcoholism.

After about a year of sessions, the couple brought Christianity into their therapy. The man ended up reading the Daily Bread each day and putting his faith in Christ.

The lifeline gave the man and his wife a new life. Healed. Changed. Whole.