Making Peace with Money


It's a most expensive, everyday part of our life. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, "Money often costs too much."

I've observed that lots of us spend money beyond what we earn. We spend it on things we don't need. Or, with it, impress people we don't like.

Money can cost lives. Because of love of money or greed, many pierce themselves with painful sorrows. They damage their lives through unhealthy relationship with money.

Here's another "angle" about our invisible money issues.

My client, Rhodora, grew up in poverty. Deep money deprivation. There was never enough money for basic needs when she's growing up as a child.

She saw anxiety or dread on her parents' faces when they talked about money. She felt worried and scared too about the issue of money.

She didn't finish college due to insufficiency of family finances. She had to work as a clerk for a large  drug manufacturing company.

Over time, Rhodora was promoted and received a big salary. On top of that, commissions from sales the company entrusted to her.

That's where her problem began. Her company sent her to me for assessment and therapy. Rhodora had been having an emotional roller-coaster since her promotion. She's not her usual self.

In-session, Rhodora had to fix her money beliefs. She still believed money was still in severe short supply in her life.

She said, "Somewhere inside of me is a belief and feeling that I can't make money more than my parents."

As a result, this something has been failing to give her new position in the company's business all the energies and resources she has to make it flourish. She felt scared or impure having to handle lots of money in her hands.

The solution?

Rhodora learns to change her money mindset. She takes the path of resolving any negative beliefs and irrational behaviors that impede her business growth.

She needs to let go of any residual childhood-based attitudes that influence the way she does her work and business.  The hang-ups, the ambivalence, the sense of unworthiness.

That's part of what "making peace with money" is about. Plus ... more!