Rx for Anxiety Before It Breaks You

Anxiety is so common. I'm impressed about how multitudes of humanity lead lives singularly full of or sickened by worries.

Out of it comes nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, stomach ulcers, even cancer and insanity.

Anxiety panic is evidenced by Nicky, one of my long-term counselees. His doctors say there is no organic basis for him to experience panic anxiety in traffic, footbridges, and airplanes.

In therapy, Nicky realized that his panic anxiety attacks lie much on his state of mind and emotional health than his physical condition.

As you and I march across the decades of time, we're going to surely experience discomforts in life. This may include abuse, trauma, or deprivation of varied kinds. It cannot be otherwise.

But we all have a choice. We can either accept them as inevitable and adjust accordingly, or we can ruin our lives with them and suffer mental disorders.

William James has a sage advice for us. He wrote: " Be willing to have it so. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune."

K.T. Keller, then president of Chrisler Corp, said, "If I am up against a tough situation, if I can do anything about it, I'll do it. If I can't, I just forget it. I never worry about the future, because I know no man living is going to figure out what will happen in the future."

Once, I was prostate with grief and anxiety. Up to that time, life was good to me. Then came a failure, a mistake. My world collapsed. 

How comforting this is to me during those times: " ' For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not evil, to give you a future and a hope" (Jeremiah 29:11).

God has a plan for me, it's so good, I don't need to be anxious or worried.

Can there be any anti-anxiety medicine better than that?