When the Cure is the Problem

When is cure the problem?

Connie once consulted a psychiatrist. She's experiencing severe bouts of depression, loneliness, anxiety, pain, and compromised life satisfaction.

After about 30 seconds, the psychiatrist interrupted Connie. She left the doctor's clinic with a variety of prescription drugs, to be tried one after another.

Connie is not alone. It happens much of the time.

In our session, Connie expressed disappointment over her prior psychiatric consultation. She's not given the chance to finish her story before being dismissed.

She simply wanted to talk about what's bothering her.

In addition, Connie found out how brain drugs don't cure to the core. They're even dangerous and damaging to one's brain/mental health.

According to studies, majority of patients around the world, not just in psychiatry, are taking drugs that they don't actually need - and can't afford.

It's a sad state of affairs for those seeking appropriate health care. Many follow blindly, just to comply with medical treatment protocol.

Add to that the pharmaceutical industry spends more money in marketing than in actual product development and scientific research.

The lesson is, we take charge of our health. We do research, learn to make informed decisions. To truly heal, we focus on the roots (illness) and not on the fruit (symptom).

Otherwise, the so-called cure becomes our problem.