My 3-Step Cure

A client consulted me for his frequent panic anxiety attacks. It's after he went through medical diagnostics. Doctors found nothing wrong with his body.

Despite medical assurance, my client remained unsatisfied. He still believed and felt that something was wrong with him.

My client was a worrier. A people-pleaser, to be more exact. He lived life through what other people say. Their expectations matter more to him than his.

Thus, even a little discouraging word from his mother or cousin will make him fear, worry, and sleepless. It's no wonder he wakes up dejected, anxious to do things.

If you find yourself having the same experience as the client I described, there are healing steps you can take. There is a "cure" to your condition but it will need your determination.

Here's a 3-step cure that I usually processed in depth with my clients:

Step 1:  Screw what people say.

Be yourself. Claim your own voice. Refuse to live up to others' expectations. They're not you. The only person you need to worry about is you!

Step 2:  Do what gives you life.

Gain information about what's healthy - mind, body, spirit. In your relationships, your emotions. And take action. Truth without action is dead!

Step 3:  Practice is everything.

Do a little purging. Cut out distractions and noise in your life. And focus on what matters: practicing new habits that give you life (not death!). If you persevere without excuses, life gets exciting!