Want to be normal? Be abnormal!

I've met countless individuals who remain stuck. Debts, Bad relationships. Dead-end job. Addictions.

Nothing is happening in their lives. They're unable to move forward.

"I want to be normal," as one patient put it. "But I wonder how," she added.

Simple answer: "Be abnormal!," borrowing from a Bo Sanchez expression.

The way to be normal these days is to be abnormal.

There is this young wife, Rebecca, who saw me for a marital problem. Her husband kicked and punched her after she grabbed his phone, where she saw pictures of naked women.

It's an over-familiar volcanic scene for Rebecca since marriage. In all areas - debts, children, in laws, and almost any matter that would annoy her husband.

Strangely, Rebecca stayed on. She's in a bad marriage. She knew her husband is selfish, a jerk. But she remained attached to the familiarity of her husband's abuse. It felt normal to her already.

Time to be abnormal!

To cut loose from the chain of her ugly situation, Rebecca needs to wake up. To stop being enslaved by her feelings. To put boundaries or get out of an abusive marriage.

Here's a crucial truth you can learn from Rebecca's situation. If you want abnormal happiness, success, or recovery from pain, do what's abnormal!

Step into the storm. Do what's right and liberating even if you don't feel like it. "Feel the fear and do it anyway," as author Susan Jeffers put it.

I think that's one secret too of successful entrepreneurs. They want abnormal income. So to get that, they risk and do what "normal" people avoid to do.

Psychotherapist Dr. Jeffrey Kottler writes in Psychology Today:

"Experience forces people out of their comfort zone, that requires them to develop new resources and take constructive risks, that pushes them to reinvent themselves."

Want to be normal? Be abnormal!