Buy Small and Free Your Mind

Several years ago, I bought a small condominium unit to live in. Near a television station area, where I've a lot of work or clients.

Since my children have grown up with the passing of their Mom, this move to a small place from our larger family house somewhat felt mentally freeing to me.

For one, it allowed "adulting" for my children. And a start for me to rebuild life by possibly marrying again.

In our family house, while my grown kids are yet unmarried, they can learn to embrace more adult responsibilities.

Here's another discovery I made living minimally: I experience more personal happiness and health living in a small space!

A smaller space requires less of my time, energy, and finances to buy or maintain. Less time cleaning too, and that's reason enough!

Moving into a smaller space forces me to remove baggage. Pare down my belongings. Strip the inessentials.

My minimalism also frees up my schedule and resources to pursue things that really matter in life.

This includes closer interaction with my loved ones in the space where I am. As well as pursuing purposeful work that makes a difference in other people's lives.

Minimalism is a great booster to one's personal mental health.

As is the case of many of my rich clients, they often tend to be held mental hostage by their possessions.

The more stuff they own, the more they own them!

The cultural mantra of "buy as much and as big as possible" proves to be a lie. It's not actually what can make people truly happy.

I just think you'll be happier and healthier if you buy smaller. Practice minimalism.

It's one of your best keys to liberate your mind.