Facing Bad News

Your spouse cheated on you. You've been diagnosed with cancer. Your boss just fired you. Your daughter was molested. A friend betrayed you.

No one likes bad news. It wounds. It hurts.

It can bring you to an unwanted state of dread and despair. Many emotions can mangle in. It feels like your whole world is falling apart.

No one escapes bad news. It's part of life.

So, how do you face it?

Firstly, you take your deepest breaths. Mindfully, slowly. Stop for awhile. Take a long walk. Do proper self-care. Find your place of calm where you can think clearly.

Secondly, be aware of your emotions. Express them healthily. Your emotions can be an opportunity for dignity, self control, and resilience.

Thirdly, mentally process. Fully understand the context. No matter how bad the news, it's likely not the be-all and end-all of your life and existence on earth.

Fourthly, cope spiritually. Pray. Seek the higher power. This aids you transform the bad news into something positive. To see the whole picture. To re-launch your life.

Fifthly, get support and resources. Think about what you have. Your strengths. Your faculties and abilities. Your family, friends, funds, facilities. 

And finally, seek professional help if you're too overwhelmed. See a doctor, psychotherapist, or minister. It's totally ok to cry out for help. It saves you time, energy, and resources.

Be prepared to face bad news. Always. 

Cicero, famous philosopher, was never surprised of anything because he tried to be prepare always. 

He gave the example of Anaxagoras, a fellow philosopher, whose son died unexpectedly. Upon being told of the bad news, Anaxagoras said, "I knew that I begot a mortal."