Future-Proof Work That Heals

Much of our lives are spent in work.

The work we do is a significant contributor to our overall health.

I've noticed that a host of people's psychological or emotional problems are work-related.

A few months ago, Noreen, a single Mom, was in tears during our session. She hated the employment she's in.

Her heart was not in the work she's doing.

Aside from stress in the office, she had no time freedom nor financial freedom to be able to devote enough attention to the needs of her little children.

Nowadays, the paradigm of "job" is breaking down. Times have changed.

And Noreen can find work healing in its midst.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg talked about it in a Harvard commencement address.

He said that we're now living in an entrepreneurial climate. And the internet has made this possible, leveling the playing field.

By 2020, it's been estimated by noted researches that 50% of the workforce will be entrepreneurs and self employed.

There's an interesting part of this healing work revolution powered by the internet. It's what experts see as an emerging new wave of "cultural creatives."

These are people who like to do creative work that's meaningful. They care for others.

They are workers who want to make a difference in the world.

Work that heals them is one that inspires them and others to be their best self.

It's rewarding, challenging, and purpose-driven.

As one internet millionaire put it, "We are moving from work being number 1 in our lives to LIFE being number 1 - and fitting our work in around our lives."

Yes, I call it "future-proof work that heals" for everyone.

It's value is forever. And it's more possible today and the future than ever.