Just Google It?

"I'll just google it," said Bob whose girlfriend just recently broke up with him.

He was referring to healing from his wounded Inner Child, which he heard about in-session.

Bob couldn't understand why he's so detached in his personal relationships.

And somehow he felt he'd get better just by googling it!

Listen, if you're hurting or in a crisis, you may have heard of psychotherapy as a form of healing. And it's ok when you have doubts.

Google it. Research. Be well informed.

Don't just accept what anyone tells you, including me.

But if you believe you can find everything in Google, you're wrong!

Information? Yes, lots of it. And they're free from Google or all over the Internet.

But ... "wisdom?" ... "unconscious experience?" ... "interpersonal conflict resolution," "unconditional love?" ... "emotional catharsis?" ... "cognitive reprogramming?" ... "spiritual renewal?"


You can't get those from Google.

And if you're confused about the difference between these two matters, that's exactly why you need to seek help.

Modesty aside, I've individuals, couples, or families who healed significantly from their psychological wounds in my practice.

They have free information in Google. Yet lots still get stuck or remain wounded.

Why? Because that's not how real life works. "Wisdom" or "emotional healing" is not acquired by mere information.

Think about it.