Real Love or Fake Love

A few days ago, I heard of the story of a man who bought a Rolex watch for $40.

That's super cheap, since Rolex watches cost around $10,000!

The man was excited. The watch looked Rolex and he had easy cash to buy it.

But after a month or so, the watch broke down.

He felt angry. Disappointed. How could he not be?

But, come on! The watch was fake, not a real one. It's designed to break down in the first place.

Love is the same. It's either real or fake.

I'm reminded of this foreigner who married a local woman raised in a very poor family. He got her from a bar where she worked as a GRO.

After paying for sex with her for several months, the man professed love to her. And she did too towards him.

They lived in for a time before they got married.

When this married couple saw me, the woman was caught having sexual affairs with a fellow local. The man was understandably devastated.

In our initial session, the wife expressed remorse. And promised to never see the other man again.

But only days after, she was caught by her husband seeing the other person again.

This was all revealed in my last session with them. The woman walked out after being exposed of her true colors.

And, the foreigner husband was left with me, sobbing profusely.

It's fake love. Pirated love. Not real. It's not meant to be. Or, to last.

What's real love then?

Real love is a commitment. A choice. Not based on feelings, convenience, or benefits.

I like how author Bo Sanchez put it, "Real love is when you're in love after you've fallen out of love."

Something to ponder on.